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  • Communication Everywhere All at Once – the Art of Leveraging Tech

    • Jul 11, 2024
    • Kelsey Perry, MD; Jilian R. Sansbury, MD, FACP, FHM; Alan M. Hall, MD, FAAP, SFHM; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH, SFHM

    Modern communication practices have added more opportunities and associated challenges. As technology changes, the practice for inpatient providers must adapt, and the fundamentals of communication and careful listening must remain.

  • Are You Asking the Right Questions in a Job Interview?

    • Jun 27, 2024
    • Erica Grabscheid, MD, FACP, FHM; Anand Shukla, MD; Jessica Sarmiento, MD

    Most interviewees prepare for typical questions the potential employer may ask. However, you may be best served arming yourself with smart, appropriate questions instead.

  • How to Handle Medical Board Complaints and Investigations

    • Jun 13, 2024
    • Robert A. Craven, MD, FACP, CHCQM-PHYADV, SFHM

    Few things cause panic in a doctor’s life like a phone call or letter from a state medical board. Here are some tips to keep your state medical board on your side.

  • Getting Another Degree While Working… Or Not?

    • May 30, 2024
    • Catie Glatz, MD

    This edition of JHMChat discusses the pros and cons of pursuing an additional degree while working. While the desire to pursue another degree may be strong, participants admitted that significant barriers often exist, including a lack of time, money, and energy to pursue additional training while working. The HM community weighs in.

  • Career Spotlight: Krishna C. Syamala

    • May 16, 2024
    • Krishna C. Syamala

    Dr. Syamala is a hospitalist at SSM Health St. Joseph Lake Saint Louis in Lake Saint Louis, Mo. He earned his medical degree from Guntur Medical College in Guntur, India, and completed his residencies at ARH Regional Medical Center in Hazard, Ky., and Help Hospital in India.

  • Hospitalists Discover Research Can Extend Their Patient Care Impact

    • May 2, 2024
    • Sue Coons, MA

    Through their integral role in patient care, hospitalists are uniquely situated to identify problems on medical wards and to design research interventions to address these issues. Clinicians who’ve gone down this path have found it incredibly rewarding but emphasize that education and mentoring are crucial steps to research success.

  • Budgeting Tips: Keeping Division Finances on Track

    • Apr 18, 2024
    • Karen Appold

    Maintaining a balanced budget can reap benefits beyond your expectations. “Developing a reputation as someone careful and good with finances can help with your future requests and negotiations,” Dr. Bonsall said.

  • To Niche or Not to Niche-Should You Subspecialize?

    • Apr 4, 2024
    • Paula Skarda, MD; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH, SFHM; Melissa Plesac, MD; Laura Paletta-Hobbs, MD

    Today, there are numerous opportunities when entering the field, leading many to wonder if there is one “correct path” that will lead to a long and prosperous career. Fortunately, there is no incorrect answer to this question. The decision to begin a career as a general hospitalist or pursue a specialized niche within hospital medicine is a personal one. A bit of thoughtful introspection of professional values and personal needs can create an interesting and fulfilling career.

  • 'Med-Peds Hospital Medicine: A Valuable Resource at Risk?

    • Mar 21, 2024
    • David Fish, MD, SFHM; Rachel Peterson, MD, FHM; Madeleine Matthiesen, MD; Alan M. Hall, MD, FAAP, SFHM; Alyssa M. Stephany, MD, MS, FAAP, PCC (ICF), SFHM

    Hospital Medicine has been a growing career choice among combined internal medicine and pediatrics (med-peds) physicians with an increasing number of resident graduates entering the field in recent years. The med-peds hospitalist workforce is a valuable resource, but recent changes in subspecialty certification requirements have the potential to negatively impact the growth and potential longevity of the field.

  • Hospitalist’s Role in a Transfer Center

    • Mar 7, 2024
    • Cindy Nguyen, MD

    Drs. Sanders and Cantu are pediatric hospitalists who played an integral role in establishing the only two free-standing pediatric hospitals in their state. They shared their experiences, successes, and tips on the development of an extended transfer center at 2023's SHM Converge.

  • Thriving Hospitalists

    Experts Offer Tips to Thrive, Not Just Survive, in Hospital Medicine

    • Feb 22, 2024
    • Thomas R. Collins

    In a session focused on “thriving” and not just “surviving,” a pair of physicians discussed how organization leaders can adapt the way they interact with their employees and target the things that really matter for people to enjoy—rather than just put up with—their jobs

  • Research and Practice

    Research is Possible—and Vital—as a Hospitalist

    • Feb 8, 2024
    • Thomas R. Collins

    When you’re in the middle of yet another impossibly busy week, making time for research in hospital medicine might seem next to impossible. But it is possible—and enormously important for the health of the field, a panel of experts said in a session at SHM Converge 2023.

  • Pathway to Promotion

    Pathway to Promotion: Practical Tips and Tools for Early to Mid-career Physicians

    • Jan 25, 2024
    • Charalene Fisher

    Practical tips and tools to help establish your “why,” “what,” and “how” on the path to promotion in academic medicine.

  • Dual Specialties—the Best of Both Worlds

    • Dec 28, 2023
    • Sue Coons

    Hospitalists who decide to pursue additional board certifications to broaden their field of practice seldom take the same path. Regardless of whether they chose this road for a clinical interest or to further their careers, the road is personal and requires much thought and effort, dual specialists say.

  • porcorex iStockphoto

    HIRED: Mnemonic Checklist to Help You Stand Out

    • Dec 14, 2023
    • By Maria Maldonado MD; Alan M. Hall, MD; Teela Crecelius MD

    We developed a mnemonic checklist (HIRED) based on best practices as well as national survey data on top qualifications for hospitalist candidates to help you stand out as an applicant for hospital medicine.

  • Safety and Accountability Punnett

    Psychological Safety a Must for HM Education

    • Dec 11, 2023
    • Thomas R. Collins

    Academic Hospital Medicine requires a psychologically safe environment. Deliberately fostering psychological safety yields better learning opportunities, increased innovation, and improved patient safety.

  • The Promotion Application Journey

    • Nov 30, 2023
    • Avital O’Glasser, MD, FACP, SFHM

    In the spirit of paying it forward, I shared my reflection on the promotion-application journey and how I articulated my non-traditional scholarship in my application packet in a Tweetorial, and now in this article.

  • Immigrant Hospitalists Share Struggles and Discuss Paths to Progress

    • Nov 30, 2023
    • Thomas R. Collins

    Dr. Arora and others recounted their struggles in a session at SHM Converge earlier this year, in which U.S. hospitalists from other countries talked about their experiences, and representatives from SHM discussed efforts to make federal policy changes that would benefit both immigrant hospitalists and the patients for whom they care.

  • What Is AI’s Promise and Potential for the Hospitalist?

    • Nov 16, 2023
    • Larry Beresford

    Sara Murray, MD, MAS, associate professor of clinical medicine in the division of hospital medicine at the University of California San Francisco and associate chief medical information officer for inpatient care and data science at UCSF Health, said hospitalists may not even see or realize all the ways AI influences their work.

  • How Having a Medical Writer on Staff Can Help Your Team

    • Nov 2, 2023
    • Mary Ann Kirkconnell Hall, MPH; Jasmah Hanna, MS

    Hospitalists face numerous demands, and those in academic medicine are also expected to write and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals, present at conferences, and give lectures and talks. Strategic use of support staff can be a catalyst for the dissemination of this knowledge.