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  • USA vote

    Hospitalists’ Voices and Votes Make a Difference

    • Dec 7, 2022
    • Alain D. Folefack, Marta B. Almli

    As hospitalists, our particular voice and especially our vote is important.

  • filling out patient form

    Nonclinical Medical Teams Role Gives Clinical Staff More Time for Patient Care

    • Nov 30, 2022
    • Sue Coons

    As patient numbers rise, so do clerical duties, and studies are showing that many highly trained clinical staff are getting bogged down.

  • nurse with books

    Books for the Hospitalist’s Soul

    • Nov 23, 2022
    • Ryan E. Nelson, Staci J. Saunders, Emma L. Scott, Alan M. Hall

    Complementary to mentorship and experiential learning, select professional-development books can help early-career hospitalists acquire the necessary skills to fulfill their myriad responsibilities.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Klint Schwenk

    • Nov 16, 2022
    • Dr. Klint Schwenk

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Klint Schwenk. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • hiring doctors

    Clinician Recruitment CEO: 2021 Market Conditions 'Point To A Looming Storm'

    • Nov 10, 2022
    • Christopher Cheney

    The most sought-after physician specialties were family medicine, internal medicine, and hospital medicine.

  • hospital at home

    Hospitalists Lead the Way for Hospital at Home Programs

    • Nov 9, 2022
    • Larry Beresford

    Research has consistently demonstrated lower-cost care, higher patient satisfaction rates, and reduced lengths of stay, readmissions, and complications.

  • burnout

    The Blueprint for Overcoming Burnout Exists

    • Nov 2, 2022
    • Khaalisha Ajala

    As a hospitalist, I witnessed how this phenomenon was exacerbated by a global pandemic, which placed a collective strain on our health system and its workers.

  • female Muslim doctor

    Celebrating Women in Hospital Medicine

    • Oct 26, 2022
    • Karen Appold

    September was Women in Medicine Month, a time to inspire, elevate, and recognize women and their roles in medicine.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Romil Chadha

    • Oct 19, 2022
    • Dr. Romil Chadha

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Romil Chadha. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • growth trends

    Growth Trends of the Adult Hospitalist Workforce Between 2012 and 2019

    • Oct 12, 2022
    • Joshua Lapps, Bradley Flansbaum, Luci K. Leykum, Heidi Bischoff, Eric Howell

    Accurately identifying the number of practicing hospitalists across the United States continues to be a challenge. Characterizing the workforce is important in the context of healthcare reforms and public reporting.

  • workforce goals

    Rethinking Hospitalist Work: Reimagining Workforce Goals

    • Oct 5, 2022
    • Joanna M. Bonsall

    The speakers at this Converge session focused on the inadequacies of current measures of hospitalist workload and how these inadequacies can lead to worsened outcomes. They then proposed a new model for assessing workload that could be used for staffing strategies.

  • microlearning

    Improve Ward Teaching with Microlearning and Digital Content

    • Sep 28, 2022
    • James Kim

    Learning is an acquired skill, but the way we are taught throughout most of our education is not the most conducive method for retention.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Kierstin Cates Kennedy

    • Sep 21, 2022
    • Dr. Kierstin Cates Kennedy

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Kierstin Cates Kennedy. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • jungle gym

    Navigating the Jungle Gym of Leadership Opportunities in Hospital Medicine

    • Sep 14, 2022
    • Tanveer Singh

    The presenters spoke about their journeys into their leadership roles and how a new or early-career hospitalist can navigate through the process.

  • gender equity

    Becoming an Ally for Gender Equity in Medicine

    • Sep 7, 2022
    • Tiffani Panek

    While there have been strides in gender equity in the practice of medicine, there’s still a long way to go.

  • medical students

    Breaking Into Medical Education: Opportunities, Challenges, & Strategies

    • Aug 31, 2022
    • Arunab Mehta

    This talk consisted of a deep dive into the “continuum” of medical education opportunities for hospitalists.

  • certification

    Unintended Consequences of the PHM Board Certification Process

    • Aug 24, 2022
    • Thomas B. Mike, Behnoosh Afghani, Gabrielle Fisher, Richard Vo

    Many hospitalists within the Pediatric Hospital Medicine community are concerned that the current certification process excludes competent individuals from our field.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Atashi Mandal

    • Aug 17, 2022
    • Dr. Atashi Mandal

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Atashi Mandal. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • virtual onboarding

    Onboarding Changes in the Wake of the Pandemic

    • Aug 10, 2022
    • Vanessa Caceres

    The switch from in-person to virtual takes away a personal touch, but also offers some convenience hospitals may continue to use.

  • female exercising

    How Principles of High-Intensity Interval Training Can Boost Your Career Productivity

    • Aug 3, 2022
    • Nila S. Radhakrishnan, Dan Griffin

    HIIT has become very popular in exercise and training environments because it allows you to accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time.