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#JHMChat: Capturing Your Value Beyond RVUs

Written by: Suchita Shah Sata
Published on: Jan 18, 2023

happy doctors and nurses
Photo credit: Halfpoint/Adobe Stock

If you were designing the perfect hospitalist job description, what would be the optimal workload to achieve high productivity? This was the crux of the discussion during September’s JHMChat. The conversation featured Drs. Marisha Burden, Moksha Patel, Mark Kissler, and Elizabeth Harry as well as researcher Angela Keniston, coauthors of “Measuring and driving hospitalist value: Expanding beyond wRVUs,” published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

Multiple themes emerged in this hour-long conversation, using their article as the springboard. (Check out this visual abstract by JHM Digital Media Fellow Dr. Gian Toledanes summarizing the article!) The discussion dove into the differences between what clinicians value vs what hospitals may be valuing, which do not always overlap.

JHM Digital Media Fellow, Dr. Jen Readlynn, moderated the chat and kicked off the discussion by asking, “How should hospital leadership support an optimal workload?” Many respondents stated that while hospitalists’ workload is much more than what is captured by wRVUs (workload Relative Value Units), it can be difficult to measure or capture.  While medicine hasn’t quite figured this out, it was pointed out that NASA may have a solution with their Task Load Index – which measures workload across multiple domains including mental demand and even frustration!

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