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  • What Is AI’s Promise and Potential for the Hospitalist?

    • Nov 16, 2023
    • Larry Beresford

    Sara Murray, MD, MAS, associate professor of clinical medicine in the division of hospital medicine at the University of California San Francisco and associate chief medical information officer for inpatient care and data science at UCSF Health, said hospitalists may not even see or realize all the ways AI influences their work.

  • How Having a Medical Writer on Staff Can Help Your Team

    • Nov 2, 2023
    • Mary Ann Kirkconnell Hall, MPH; Jasmah Hanna, MS

    Hospitalists face numerous demands, and those in academic medicine are also expected to write and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals, present at conferences, and give lectures and talks. Strategic use of support staff can be a catalyst for the dissemination of this knowledge.

  • Domains of professional fulfillment for pediatric hospital medicine: A concept mapping study

    • Oct 26, 2023
    • Journal of Hospital Medicine

    We know little about how pediatric hospital medicine (PHM) physicians conceptualize their professional fulfillment (PF). Learn more about a study conducted to determine how PHM physicians conceptualize PF.

  • Unit Medical Directors—Liaisons Between Physicians and Nurses

    • Oct 19, 2023
    • Karen Appold

    To achieve optimum care, some medical centers have hospitalists or other physicians serve in what’s called a “unit medical director” position.

  • Empathy for the Rural Hospitalist

    • Oct 12, 2023
    • Mark Menet, MD, MPH

    In residency, we had derisive nicknames for the hospitals in the surrounding rural areas that would frequently send us patients. After we were notified of the transfer, we stayed on edge until the patient arrived, unclear of what was going to show up.

  • PCP Shortage Affects Hospitalists; What are the Options?

    • Oct 5, 2023
    • Ruth Jessen Hickman, MD

    With worsening doctor shortages expected in many areas of medicine, including hospital medicine, the expected shortfall in primary care doctors is particularly sobering.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Naznin Jamal

    • Sep 28, 2023
    • Dr. Naznin Jamal

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Naznin Jamal. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Incorporating Learners on Direct Care Services: Reclaiming the “Non-Teaching Service” for Education

    • Sep 21, 2023
    • Arunab Mehta, MD, MEd

    In the field of medical education, there’s a growing recognition of the importance of incorporating learners in direct care services with hospitalists to address the needs of both the learners and the health care system.

  • Strategies for Dysfunctional Teams and Groups

    • Sep 14, 2023
    • Beth Makowski, DO, FACOI, FHM

    Drs. Russo and Boer began by outlining the differences between high-performing and dysfunctional teams.

  • Standardizing the Recruitment Process for Hospitalist Programs

    • Sep 7, 2023
    • Abhi Kole, MD, PhD

    This workshop discussed ideas to standardize the recruitment process, ask more informative interview questions, and minimize unconscious bias to create a diverse hospitalist group.

  • Creative Ways to Expand Academic Opportunities Through Multicenter Networks

    • Aug 31, 2023
    • Jeremy Gentile, DO, FACP

    You wouldn’t think COVID-19 would bring us together, not with masks and social distancing, but that’s exactly what this session was about.

  • Hospitalists

    Leadership & professional development: Coaching to develop clinicians, teachers, and leaders

    • Aug 24, 2023

    This article will discuss the differences between advising, mentoring, and coaching, and how hospitalists can use a coaching approach in their professional interactions.

  • Can hospitalists think like designers?

    • Aug 17, 2023
    • Jin Sol G. Lee MD, MPH, Bon Ku MD, MPP, Samir S. Shah MD, MSCE

    In this issue, we present a series of perspectives on the theme of design and its growing implications to healthcare.

  • Leadership & professional development: Moving on

    • Aug 10, 2023
    • Michael T. Vossmeyer MD

    It can be natural to feel a sense of diminishing self-worth as a career winds down and it is important to implement strategies to counteract such feelings.

  • Medical professional with pupil

    Methodological progress note: Implementation science contributions to healthcare research and practice

    • Aug 3, 2023
    • Amy Tyler MD, MSCS, Monica Pérez Jolles PhD

    This methodological progress note, the first in a three-part series, offers a high-level overview of implementation science focusing on healthcare settings (vs. community settings).

  • Leadership among colleagues

    Leadership & professional development: Using our voice to promote and redefine leadership and professional development

    • Jul 26, 2023
    • Karen E. Jerardi, Kimberly D. Manning

    As we reach the end of 4 years of Leadership and Professional Development columns in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, we reflect on what we have learned and where we hope to go as the column matures.

  • World of medicine

    Multiverse of Medicine

    • Jul 26, 2023
    • Adam J. Gray, MD; Paula Skarda, MD; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH

    This article outlines several hospital medicine career pathways including early tips for involvement in hospital leadership, quality improvement and research, education, and primary clinical care.

  • Becoming a Well-being Advocate

    • Jul 12, 2023
    • Swati Mehta, MD, FACP, CPXP, SFHM; Anna Zachwieja, MHA

    This article discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on Hospitalists and ways we can support first hand.

  • Mental Health for Hospitalists

    Reducing Mental Health Care Barriers for Hospitalists

    • Jul 5, 2023
    • John Gaskill, DO, Richard M. Wardrop III, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP, FHM, Joshua Allen-Dicker, MD, MPH, SFHM and Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH

    Through education, policy making, and organizational advocacy, hospitalists can help increase access to mental health for physicians.

  • Lessons in Redeployment from Adult Hospitalists

    • Jun 29, 2023
    • Sydney Katz, MD, Elijah Douglass, MD, and Alice J. Tang, MD, MHPE

    As emergency rooms and hospitals are increasingly overwhelmed by pediatric patients with respiratory illnesses, concerns about how the current workforce will care for the influx of patients are increasing, and hospitals are beginning efforts to redeploy physicians