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Can hospitalists think like designers?

Written by: Jin Sol G. Lee MD, MPH, Bon Ku MD, MPP, Samir S. Shah MD, MSCE
Published on: Aug 17, 2023

Doctor with hospitalist

Photo credit: C Malambo/ Adobe Stock

We are pleased to announce the Journal of Hospital Medicine mini-theme on design in healthcare. Design, paradoxically, is not solely, or even primarily, about making products aesthetically attractive or enhancing their usability for customers. Rather, design provides the most value in creating radical innovations or solutions that do not yet exist, such as the iPhone, the insulin pump, or the OXO peeler. Design thinking, a unique process of problem-solving that has been popularized in the business sector, has helped make design accessible to a broader audience.1 Can clinicians learn design principles and methods to tap into their creativity to solve problems in healthcare?

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