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Check Out This Silver Lining in the Physician Job Market

Written by: Jonathan Ford Hughes
Published on: Apr 6, 2022

Indian doctor
Photo credit: Nejron Photo/Adobe Stock

It’s undeniably difficult to be a doctor right now. It’s even harder to be an out-of-work doctor. For physicians struggling with reduced wages, furloughs, and layoffs, there is some hope in sight as viable vaccines begin to emerge and be distributed. In the meantime, there are tactics you can employ to land your next job.

Physician demand is here to stay

The Association of American Medical Colleges released its most recent physician shortage report in June, at the tail end of COVID-19’s first wave in the US. Then, AAMC predicted a shortage between 54,000-139,000 by 2033. That includes primary- and specialty-care physicians. 

The projected shortage doesn’t look much better in a Human Resources for Health study, published in February. Researchers in this study predicted that the American west will have the highest physician shortage ratio by 2030, with only 69 doctors per 100,000 people. On the other hand, the northeast will have a surplus of 50 physician jobs per 100,000 people, researchers project.

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