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  • Career Spotlight: Krishna C. Syamala

    • May 16, 2024
    • Krishna C. Syamala

    Dr. Syamala is a hospitalist at SSM Health St. Joseph Lake Saint Louis in Lake Saint Louis, Mo. He earned his medical degree from Guntur Medical College in Guntur, India, and completed his residencies at ARH Regional Medical Center in Hazard, Ky., and Help Hospital in India.

  • Budgeting Tips: Keeping Division Finances on Track

    • Apr 18, 2024
    • Karen Appold

    Maintaining a balanced budget can reap benefits beyond your expectations. “Developing a reputation as someone careful and good with finances can help with your future requests and negotiations,” Dr. Bonsall said.

  • 'Med-Peds Hospital Medicine: A Valuable Resource at Risk?

    • Mar 21, 2024
    • David Fish, MD, SFHM; Rachel Peterson, MD, FHM; Madeleine Matthiesen, MD; Alan M. Hall, MD, FAAP, SFHM; Alyssa M. Stephany, MD, MS, FAAP, PCC (ICF), SFHM

    Hospital Medicine has been a growing career choice among combined internal medicine and pediatrics (med-peds) physicians with an increasing number of resident graduates entering the field in recent years. The med-peds hospitalist workforce is a valuable resource, but recent changes in subspecialty certification requirements have the potential to negatively impact the growth and potential longevity of the field.

  • Research and Practice

    Research is Possible—and Vital—as a Hospitalist

    • Feb 8, 2024
    • Thomas R. Collins

    When you’re in the middle of yet another impossibly busy week, making time for research in hospital medicine might seem next to impossible. But it is possible—and enormously important for the health of the field, a panel of experts said in a session at SHM Converge 2023.

  • Safety and Accountability Punnett

    Psychological Safety a Must for HM Education

    • Dec 11, 2023
    • Thomas R. Collins

    Academic Hospital Medicine requires a psychologically safe environment. Deliberately fostering psychological safety yields better learning opportunities, increased innovation, and improved patient safety.

  • The Promotion Application Journey

    • Nov 30, 2023
    • Avital O’Glasser, MD, FACP, SFHM

    In the spirit of paying it forward, I shared my reflection on the promotion-application journey and how I articulated my non-traditional scholarship in my application packet in a Tweetorial, and now in this article.

  • Creative Ways to Expand Academic Opportunities Through Multicenter Networks

    • Aug 31, 2023
    • Jeremy Gentile, DO, FACP

    You wouldn’t think COVID-19 would bring us together, not with masks and social distancing, but that’s exactly what this session was about.

  • Medical professional with pupil

    Methodological progress note: Implementation science contributions to healthcare research and practice

    • Aug 3, 2023
    • Amy Tyler MD, MSCS, Monica Pérez Jolles PhD

    This methodological progress note, the first in a three-part series, offers a high-level overview of implementation science focusing on healthcare settings (vs. community settings).

  • World of medicine

    Multiverse of Medicine

    • Jul 26, 2023
    • Adam J. Gray, MD; Paula Skarda, MD; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH

    This article outlines several hospital medicine career pathways including early tips for involvement in hospital leadership, quality improvement and research, education, and primary clinical care.

  • LGBTQIA+ Hospitalists Find Their Comfort Zones

    • Jun 14, 2023
    • Vanessa Caceres

    The Hospitalist recently spoke with five hospitalists who shared more about their challenges and opportunities as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Harvir Singh Gambhir

    • Jun 7, 2023
    • Dr. Harvir Singh Gambhir

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Havir Singh Gambhir. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Important Lessons from Hospitalists Who Love Their Jobs

    • May 30, 2023
    • Larry Beresford

    Job stress, moral injury, burnout, and the great resignation—these are very real concerns for the field of hospital medicine, exacerbated by but not limited to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Sandeep Pagali

    • May 18, 2023
    • Dr. Sandeep Pagali

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Sandeep Pagali. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Doctor giving speech

    HM and APP Fellowship Benefits

    • May 12, 2023
    • Sue Coons

    The number of hospital medicine fellowships has grown over the years. At last count, there were three administrative fellowships, 40 internal medicine fellowships, 13 family practice fellowships, and 26 pediatric fellowships listed on the SHM website.

  • medical students

    Breaking Into Medical Education: Opportunities, Challenges, & Strategies

    • Aug 31, 2022
    • Arunab Mehta

    This talk consisted of a deep dive into the “continuum” of medical education opportunities for hospitalists.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Teela Crecelius

    • Jul 20, 2022
    • Dr. Teela Crecelius

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Teela Crecelius. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Bridget McGrath

    • Jun 22, 2022
    • Bridget McGrath

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Bridget McGrath. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Ryan Nelson

    • May 25, 2022
    • Dr. Ryan Nelson

    A series of interviews with hospitalists, starting with Ryan Nelson. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • group of doctors in seminar

    Leadership & Professional Development: A Letter to the Future Teaching Physician

    • Apr 13, 2022
    • Reza Manesh, Gurpreet Dhaliwal

    These five principles will help you establish an optimal learning environment.

  • Multiracial medical team having a meeting with doc

    Climbing the Ladder: How Hospitalists Can Overcome Barriers in Academic Productivity

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Lanna Felde, MD

    The Journal of Hospital Medicine recently returned from a summer hiatus with a #JHMChat about academic productivity and promotion.