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  • To Niche or Not to Niche-Should You Subspecialize?

    • Apr 4, 2024
    • Paula Skarda, MD; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH, SFHM; Melissa Plesac, MD; Laura Paletta-Hobbs, MD

    Today, there are numerous opportunities when entering the field, leading many to wonder if there is one “correct path” that will lead to a long and prosperous career. Fortunately, there is no incorrect answer to this question. The decision to begin a career as a general hospitalist or pursue a specialized niche within hospital medicine is a personal one. A bit of thoughtful introspection of professional values and personal needs can create an interesting and fulfilling career.

  • Pathway to Promotion

    Pathway to Promotion: Practical Tips and Tools for Early to Mid-career Physicians

    • Jan 25, 2024
    • Charalene Fisher

    Practical tips and tools to help establish your “why,” “what,” and “how” on the path to promotion in academic medicine.

  • World of medicine

    Multiverse of Medicine

    • Jul 26, 2023
    • Adam J. Gray, MD; Paula Skarda, MD; Ethan Molitch-Hou, MD, MPH

    This article outlines several hospital medicine career pathways including early tips for involvement in hospital leadership, quality improvement and research, education, and primary clinical care.

  • LGBTQIA+ Allyship

    • Jun 21, 2023
    • Karen Appold

    This articles goes over ways Hospitalists can support our LGBTQIA+ community in different ways.

  • Escape Room Medical Simulations

    • Apr 5, 2023
    • Isha Puri, MD, MPH, FHM

    Medical simulations allow health care professionals to practice and hone their skills in a low-risk environment, making them better prepared to handle real-life medical emergencies.

  • nurse with books

    Books for the Hospitalist’s Soul

    • Nov 23, 2022
    • Ryan E. Nelson, Staci J. Saunders, Emma L. Scott, Alan M. Hall

    Complementary to mentorship and experiential learning, select professional-development books can help early-career hospitalists acquire the necessary skills to fulfill their myriad responsibilities.

  • doctors at a training session

    A Commitment to Training Physicians and SHM: A Perfect Match

    • Jun 29, 2022
    • Richard Quinn

    The Physicians in Training (PIT) committee is one of 15 that advises the board of SHM.

  • hospital medicine fellowship

    Insights into HM and PHM Fellowship Programs

    • May 4, 2022
    • Heidi Splete

    A hospital medicine fellowship combines the best of hospital medicine with the opportunity for physicians to specialize early in their careers.

  • SHM Converge 2022

    SHM Converge April 7-10, 2022

    • Nov 26, 2021

    SHM Converge 2022 offers world-class education for hospitalists, led by award-winning faculty.

  • Medical student

    Report Urges Complete Residency Overhaul

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Ken Terry

    The transition from undergraduate medical education (UME) to graduate medical education in the United States needs comprehensive reform, says a new report from the Graduate Medical Education Review Committee (UGRC) of the Coalition for Physician Accountability.

  • 2020 State of Hospital Medicine Report

    2020 State of Hospital Medicine (SOHM) Report: A Preview

    • Nov 26, 2021

    The State of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) Report defines industry standards and is the most comprehensive resource on hospital medicine group configuration and operation.

  • online job application

    How to Optimize Your Medical Resume for Recruitment Software

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Matt Craven

    With over 75% of recruiters and employers now using recruitment software to select and manage applicants throughout the recruitment process, it’s crucial that your resume appeals to both humans and the “machines.”

  • Medical students

    FIND: A Framework for Success as a First-Year Hospitalist

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Ryan E. Nelson, MD Allison K. Ashford, MD Rachna Rawal, MD And Teela Crecelius, MD

    Congratulations! You’re about to start your first year as a hospitalist, and in many cases your first real job. Hospital medicine is an incredibly rewarding subspecialty, but the progression from resident to attending physician can be daunting.

  • African female doctor with senior patient

    Embedding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Hospital Medicine

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Andrew Delapenha, MD, MPH Flora Kisuule, MD, MPH Shannon K. Martin, MD, MS Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH

    Persistent underrepresentation of women and minorities remains in medical school faculty and the broader physician workforce, and the same inequities exist in hospital medicine.

  • Female researcher

    New Fellowship, No Problem

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Daniel Herchline, MD, MSED

    Using growth mindset to tackle fellowship in a new program.