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  • filling out patient form

    Nonclinical Medical Teams Role Gives Clinical Staff More Time for Patient Care

    • Nov 30, 2022
    • Sue Coons

    As patient numbers rise, so do clerical duties, and studies are showing that many highly trained clinical staff are getting bogged down.

  • hiring doctors

    Clinician Recruitment CEO: 2021 Market Conditions 'Point To A Looming Storm'

    • Nov 10, 2022
    • Christopher Cheney

    The most sought-after physician specialties were family medicine, internal medicine, and hospital medicine.

  • growth trends

    Growth Trends of the Adult Hospitalist Workforce Between 2012 and 2019

    • Oct 12, 2022
    • Joshua Lapps, Bradley Flansbaum, Luci K. Leykum, Heidi Bischoff, Eric Howell

    Accurately identifying the number of practicing hospitalists across the United States continues to be a challenge. Characterizing the workforce is important in the context of healthcare reforms and public reporting.

  • microlearning

    Improve Ward Teaching with Microlearning and Digital Content

    • Sep 28, 2022
    • James Kim

    Learning is an acquired skill, but the way we are taught throughout most of our education is not the most conducive method for retention.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Kierstin Cates Kennedy

    • Sep 21, 2022
    • Dr. Kierstin Cates Kennedy

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Kierstin Cates Kennedy. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Atashi Mandal

    • Aug 17, 2022
    • Dr. Atashi Mandal

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Atashi Mandal. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Teela Crecelius

    • Jul 20, 2022
    • Dr. Teela Crecelius

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Teela Crecelius. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • workforce issues

    Workforce Issues

    • Jul 13, 2022
    • Karen Appold

    Silver linings emerge for hospitalists.

  • doctor teamwork

    The Evolution of the Hospitalist

    • Jun 15, 2022
    • Elizabeth Chmelik, Vivek S. Ramanathan

    Were we ever meant to belong to the hospital as our name and title suggest?

  • female doctor

    Hospitalists Stretch Beyond Their Hospitals’ Four Walls

    • Jun 1, 2022
    • Larry Beresford

    Hospitalists are finding opportunities to improve quality for their hospitals and health systems, taking on roles as co-managers and consultants.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Ryan Nelson

    • May 25, 2022
    • Dr. Ryan Nelson

    A series of interviews with hospitalists, starting with Ryan Nelson. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • medical team on rounds

    A Different Kind of Leadership Rounds

    • May 18, 2022
    • Chris Moriates, MD, Elizabeth Schulwolf MD, F. Parker Hudson MD, Kirsten Nieto MD, Lysbeth Miller MD, Michael Pignone MD, Read Pierce MD

    System thinking to the bedside and bedside to systems thinkers.

  • hospital

    WVU Medicine-UHC Program Again Earns National Accreditation

    • Mar 30, 2022

    The WVU Medicine-United Hospital Center Family Medicine Residency Program has again earned accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

  • hospital technology

    Lack of mHealth Technologies Disrupts Workflows for Hospitalists

    • Mar 23, 2022
    • Victoria Bailey

    Tasks like rounding, chart reviews, and order submissions could be made easier for hospitalists with the addition of mHealth technologies that are portable and task-specific, a study found.

  • surgeon in operating room

    Pediatric Hospitalist Teaches Children to 'Smile'

    • Mar 16, 2022
    • Madison Perales

    Glendale pediatric hospitalist Dr. Shelly Batra says Operation Smile gave her the chance of a lifetime.

  • nurse using a digital notepad

    Inside an Oregon Hospital, Here's What it Takes to Provide Care Through the Chaos

    • Mar 9, 2022
    • Amelia Templeton

    If you picture the health system as a line of dominoes, emergency medicine is at one end.

  • Female doctor wearing stethoscope

    Never Prouder to Be a Hospitalist

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Eric E. Howell, MD, MHM

    I have been a proud hospitalist for more than 20 years, and yet I have never been prouder to be a hospitalist than now.

  • SHM Converge 2022

    SHM Converge April 7-10, 2022

    • Nov 26, 2021

    SHM Converge 2022 offers world-class education for hospitalists, led by award-winning faculty.

  • Diverse medical team

    “Enough English” to Be at Risk

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Taru Saigal, MD

    A hectic Friday morning at the hospital seemed less stressful amid morning greetings and humor from colleagues. It is almost impossible to miss something interesting.

  • Doctor in scrubs with digital tablet and clipboard

    Reflections on 10 Years of Hospitalist Productivity

    • Nov 26, 2021
    • Thomas W. Frederickson, MD, FACP, SFHM

    Successful programs will recruit lifelong learners.