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  • Mental Health for Hospitalists

    Reducing Mental Health Care Barriers for Hospitalists

    • Jul 5, 2023
    • John Gaskill, DO, Richard M. Wardrop III, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP, FHM, Joshua Allen-Dicker, MD, MPH, SFHM and Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH

    Through education, policy making, and organizational advocacy, hospitalists can help increase access to mental health for physicians.

  • Lessons in Redeployment from Adult Hospitalists

    • Jun 29, 2023
    • Sydney Katz, MD, Elijah Douglass, MD, and Alice J. Tang, MD, MHPE

    As emergency rooms and hospitals are increasingly overwhelmed by pediatric patients with respiratory illnesses, concerns about how the current workforce will care for the influx of patients are increasing, and hospitals are beginning efforts to redeploy physicians

  • LGBTQIA+ Allyship

    • Jun 21, 2023
    • Karen Appold

    This articles goes over ways Hospitalists can support our LGBTQIA+ community in different ways.

  • LGBTQIA+ Hospitalists Find Their Comfort Zones

    • Jun 14, 2023
    • Vanessa Caceres

    The Hospitalist recently spoke with five hospitalists who shared more about their challenges and opportunities as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Harvir Singh Gambhir

    • Jun 7, 2023
    • Dr. Harvir Singh Gambhir

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Havir Singh Gambhir. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Important Lessons from Hospitalists Who Love Their Jobs

    • May 30, 2023
    • Larry Beresford

    Job stress, moral injury, burnout, and the great resignation—these are very real concerns for the field of hospital medicine, exacerbated by but not limited to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years.

  • Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Sandeep Pagali

    • May 18, 2023
    • Dr. Sandeep Pagali

    A series of interviews with hospital medicine clinicians, continuing with Sandeep Pagali. Gain insights from their knowledge and expertise.

  • Doctor giving speech

    HM and APP Fellowship Benefits

    • May 12, 2023
    • Sue Coons

    The number of hospital medicine fellowships has grown over the years. At last count, there were three administrative fellowships, 40 internal medicine fellowships, 13 family practice fellowships, and 26 pediatric fellowships listed on the SHM website.

  • Serving as a chief resident

    Leadership & Professional Development: Chief residency—A team sport

    • Apr 21, 2023
    • Colin Washington, Bruno Álvarez Concejo

    While serving as chief residents during the pandemic was no ordinary experience, the tools we leaned on are universal.

  • Healthcare workers

    How Hospitals are Tackling Violence

    • Apr 12, 2023
    • Karen Appold

    Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers suffered more workplace injuries as a result of violence than any other profession, with approximately 654,000 harmed annually, according to American Hospital Association studies.

  • Escape Room Medical Simulations

    • Apr 5, 2023
    • Isha Puri, MD, MPH, FHM

    Medical simulations allow health care professionals to practice and hone their skills in a low-risk environment, making them better prepared to handle real-life medical emergencies.

  • Future of hospitalists

    Bright Spots in the Future of Hospital Medicine

    • Mar 30, 2023
    • Larry Beresford

    As Americans start to rediscover their place in a (largely) post-pandemic world, hospitalists across the country are resuming and recommitting to a variety of extracurricular roles and responsibilities beyond their scheduled shifts on the hospital floors.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    The Power of Emotional Intelligence for Hospitalists

    • Mar 20, 2023
    • Farzana Hoque, MD, MRCP (UK), FACP

    Emotions drive people, people drive performance. This oft-quoted expression provides a simplified explanation of emotional intelligence, but let’s dive a little deeper and consider its importance to hospitalists.

  • change management

    Five Approaches to Change Management in Quality Improvement and Operational Initiatives

    • Feb 22, 2023
    • Thomas McIlraith, Aziz Ansari

    Hospital medicine leaders must drive operational efficiencies to reduce waste and inefficiency but also lead quality initiatives to improve patient safety and reduce complications of hospitalization.

  • ikigai

    Using Ikigai to Find Your “Something” as a Hospitalist

    • Feb 15, 2023
    • Sanjay A. Patel, Jilian Sansbury, Rashmi P. Ganith, Ryan Nelson

    By asking ourselves and reflecting on four key questions, we can use our answers to find the joy, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment we seek.

  • doctor working with documents and medical forms

    Potential Role for Hospitalist: Physician Advisor

    • Feb 8, 2023
    • Amanda Green

    While the role of physician advisor in a hospital can be as varied as that of the chief medical officer, depending on the needs of the hospital, there are some universal tasks that leaders in this position perform.

  • contract negotiation

    Contract Negotiation Know-How

    • Feb 1, 2023
    • Vanessa Caceres

    Whether you’re a hospitalist negotiating your first job contract out of residency or a seasoned professional considering a new opportunity after years with the same institution, negotiating physician employment contracts can be overwhelming.

  • doctor burnout

    What Happens When Leaders Burnout? Nine Ways to Counter Leadership Burnout

    • Jan 25, 2023
    • Vineet Arora, Barbara Overholser, Nancy D. Spector

    The good news is that there are tangible and effective ways to address leadership burnout.

  • happy doctors and nurses

    #JHMChat: Capturing Your Value Beyond RVUs

    • Jan 18, 2023
    • Suchita Shah Sata

    If you were designing the perfect hospitalist job description, what would be the optimal workload to achieve high productivity?

  • smiling doctor

    Leadership & Professional Development: Nurturing Education in the Interstitial Spaces

    • Jan 11, 2023
    • Bruno Álvarez Concejo, Shannon K. Martin

    The average resident spends most of their time in hallways and workrooms, and as hospitalist educators, we can leverage those intervening spaces to teach, reflect, and build team camaraderie.